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Interpersonal Frequency (IF) is a communications, web development and strategic technology advisory firm that brings innovative data and quantitative techniques to communications technology development for corporate, government and nonprofit clients. Our expertise is finding the intersection of effective, elegant website design and complex insights gathered from data analysis, including leveraging predictive algorithms and simulations. Our software tools and skills allow us the rare ability to review and compare the (brand) message and its effectiveness across all online message platforms and points of consumer impact.  Working with us often means beginning with a Voice of Customer analysis, during which we survey a random sample of your users to immediately get to the heart of which aspects of your website are working well, and what needs to be improved.

Our skill is in helping clients build websites that create vibrant communities and networks of advocates – supported by empirical and theoretical research into human communication networks and data analysis.  This allows us to use media to authentically engage communities—which we understand as networks of people—within context-rich environments. Among our strengths as a consulting service is the capacity for brand definition, strategic planning, project management and technical implementation, impact assessment, and community building efforts.  The key: we don’t think in terms of consumer segmentations; we understand consumers in context-specific networks.

From traditional media and websites to the viral dynamics of social networks and online media, we can help to tailor a message that will resonate with a targeted audience; promote that message through numerous platforms and channels; monitor and optimize responses and results; compare and contrast the effectiveness of different platforms or methods of outreach; and even develop unique and customized tools to suit the specific requirements of a highly distinctive client. We don’t simply build a website and hand it off, we help you craft and design every aspect of the website and the user experience so that it’s as useful as possible for both you and your end users.

We help organizations navigate and monitor their promotional and communications efforts to better identify, understand and reach a targeted audience; to compare parallel methods with cost, time and power; to effectively maximize effort; and to eventually be able to accurately predict outcomes.

We not only create big ideas; we have the experience, the passion and the unique analytic capability to communicate them, and make those ideas actionable through beautiful design.  We are guided by the belief that communication is not experienced in a linear fashion, but a cumulative one.  In essence, IF creates the shortest distance between two points of view.


Ozzie Baron

Project Manager, Product Lead for

Ozzie originally began his career as a college recruiter with a top university, where he helped develop marketing materials for the college and traveled the country giving recruitment presentations and interviewing students.  He quickly became a top recruiter for the school, but chose to pursue his fortunes elsewhere.   Ozzie moved to a role on a top TV show for Nickelodeon, where his role involved  writing, managing production, and helped develop a strategy for building a successful online community for kids and parents.

Heather Casselman

Senior Project Manager

Heather is a seasoned producer, product manager and technical program manager who brings a wealth of experience delivering products and solutions in the technology, media and publishing markets. She is an expert at analyzing business problems or potential products and working closely with senior management and creative/development teams to bring the right solutions to market. Prior to working at IF, her most recent engagement was at Getty Images, where she focused on both customer-facing sites and enterprise solutions focused on cost savings and maximizing margins.

Kenn Herman

Chief Technology Officer

Kenn brings a broad range of technology expertise to the team. He possesses a unique breadth and knowledge of technology combining extensive database work, network architecture, software development and user interface. Likewise, his technology career has spanned across many fields; politics, music, technology and academia.  Kenn’s technical capabilities run the gamut from front end user experience to server side performance tuning. Database experience includes Informix, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Sybase.

Harish R. Rao


Harish began his career as a whiz kid and the Director of IT for Governor Howard Dean’s Presidential campaign, where he was responsible for all back-end technologies including communications, technology, infrastructure and data services. After the Dean campaign, Harish co-founded his first company, EchoDitto, which connected clients like The Clinton Foundation, Research in Motion (BlackBerry), and Rosie O’Donnell to the new energy of science and talent that was transforming new media and social network outreach.

Tiran Kiremidjian

Tiran Kiremidjian specializes in strategic development for digital and traditional media companies.  Prior to joining Interpersonal Frequency, Mr. Kiremidjian advised and helped raise capital for Internet start-ups in a number of verticals, including advertising technology (MediaMath and MediaSixDegrees), video publishing (, photo-sharing ( and real estate (



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