CitizenAssist MultiChannel™

An Easy & Effective Way To Empower Equity of Access

You shouldn't need a desktop computer to access vital public information and services. Smart digital infrastructure should work just as well with a telephone call, text message, or via chatbots. 

Our digital assistant, CAM™, combines the best of emerging AI technology with our content-forward strategy and public-sector expertise. Expand your services without worrying about creating apps or installing new software.

Thoughtful, Data-Backed AI

Whether it’s scheduling appointments, getting information, or filing 311 reports, our process will pinpoint what value areas will greatly increase your user’s success while significantly reducing burden on your staff members. 

A logo for CAM, the I.F. multichannel chatbot
Hi, I'm CAM. How can I help you today?

Then, we work with you to create friendly, effective, platform-agnostic conversations while aligning with your municipality’s specific voice and style. We install, host, and manage CAM™ behind the scenes, so you don’t need to worry about stability or security. We’re always monitoring for ongoing success, and work with you to make improvements as your user’s needs change.

Reaching Across the Digital Divide

All too often, today’s digital services are still shrouded in complex interactions that require technical knowledge, a hefty time investment, or access to specific types of devices. Technical barriers shouldn’t stand in the way of providing the information and services vital to our communities. It's time to make essential content available to people with all levels of digital access and ability.


CAM™ in Action

One of the D.C. Attorney General’s priorities is to fight fraud and discrimination by acting as an advocate for residents who have negative interactions with District-based businesses. But the existing form for filing a consumer complaint was complex—most users found it so complex that they gave up on the form before completing it.  

To help the office achieve their goal easily and effectively, we installed our digital assistant, CAM™. This enabled individuals to lodge their complaint through a simple, conversational exchange that’s easy to access from any mobile phone. Tools like this are not only technically cool but also greatly increase accessibility to individuals who may have limited Internet access, rely on a small handheld device, or use a screenless device like Amazon Alexa.

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