Talk to him about buffalo wings or the Colorado Avalanche and you’ll have a friend for life.

Owen Bush

Development Team Lead

Zone: Mountain/MT

Prefers: He/him/his

Owen has years of experience as a Drupal back-end engineer. With great communication skills, he’s as comfortable in front of a screen as he is in front of a client. He also comes factory-fitted with an authentic British accent.

As the development team lead, Owen is responsible not just for writing code but also for improving processes and mentoring other developers. As a Drupal community and open-source advocate, he encourages those around him to participate and give back to the community. Over the last three years, Owen has helped organize and run the Library Summit at DrupalCamp Colorado and has contributed several Drupal modules and patches.

Outside work, Owen is a family man with three young daughters in tow. He can usually be found making music under his pseudonym, OJB. Did we mention he loves buffalo wings and hockey?