Her infectious enthusiasm helps clients smile through even the most daunting content tasks.

Kirsti Kenneth

User Experience Manager

Zone: Eastern/ET

Prefers: She/her/hers

Kirsti has more than a decade of experience developing strategies to match content needs of all shapes and sizes. She loves finding sleek solutions to complex puzzles and helping others hone their skills along the way. She draws on a nearly bottomless bag of tricks to help clients manage their content challenges, from creation and organization to migration and ongoing improvements.

With a background in museum education, training, and content strategy, Kirsti has managed large libraries of online content and built a diverse portfolio of newsletters, lesson plans, pop-up exhibits, video tutorials, and infographics.

When she isn’t devising a new training or trying to build a better web form, Kirsti enjoys painting with watercolors and pastels and doing messy projects with her two elementary-aged boys.