She really gets to know her clients. She's even walked through fire for one of them.

Jen Pennington

UX-UI Designer / Creative Director

Zone: Pacific/PT

Prefers: She/her/hers

Jen is an award-winning creative director and UX designer with over 30 years of experience designing logos, print, signage, and websites. Her work seamlessly integrates brand elements with photography, video, and motion graphics, reflecting her conviction that design and communications are both an art form and a business process.

In addition to civic engagement work, Jen has deep experience with environmental organizations, firefighter unions, and arts programs. Other work from her eclectic past includes work for Columbia TriStar, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, SONY pictures, Disney, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, and The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.

She’s also really good at driving a front-end loader and excavator, should the need arise.