Succeeding via careful strategy planning is better than failing fast.

Kiya Wilson

Project Manager

Zone: Eastern/ET

Prefers: He/Him/His

As a Project Manager with I.F., Kiya takes on many assignments: planning the work and coordinating tasks, assessing and mitigating risk, leading teams and keeping the project within scope. He has a deep understanding of how to manage projects with modern online project management processes and tools and works collaboratively with public sector organizations to ensure customer satisfaction. His abiding mission is to bring the best of net tech to public institutions whose work meets real human needs.

He has a proven track record of scoping, defining, and selling complex net based solutions over 25+ years. He has deep contacts within both developing and developed markets worldwide including in-depth Russian and South Asian experience. His goal is to balance disruption with measurable results – anchored in 20 years experience as a project manager of technology solutions. Previous projects have included launching the technology used by iChat: the first web enabled chat platforms.

Kiya lives in the Boston area with his wife and two daughters. When he is not working, he loves playing cards, watching movies and in-depth discussions of the close relationship between hippy commune life and early stage technology companies.