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Melanie Bozzelli

Content Strategist

Zone: Eastern/ET

Prefers: She/Her/Hers

Melanie is a Content Strategist and has been a strong advocate of UX practices and principles for 20+ years. Her background in digital marketing, ecommerce, and managing large websites all source from a never-ending passion to provide exceptional customer experiences that are accessible and user-friendly. Melanie delights in collaborating with others to start, build, and grow positive project results.

Melanie has been engaged with the Northeast Ohio UX community since 2003. She is Chairperson of UX Akron, serves as Co-Organizer for Cleveland Accessibility Group, and is an active member of OhioX, a nonprofit organization that represents and connects those committed to growing Ohio’s economy through technology and innovation.

When she’s not learning something new about content strategy, UX, CX, or Accessibility, Melanie spends time with her other lifelong passion—dogs! She has trained, shown, and rehabilitated dogs since her teen years. Life is always better when dogs are in it.