He can be enthusiastic to a fault, especially when data is involved.

Ozzie Baron

Research Analyst

Zone: Central/CT

Prefers: He/him/his

Ozzie conducts and oversees the research required to build a new website or product. Because research and discovery come at the very beginning of our data-driven process, Ozzie is often one of the first people our clients meet. An expert in user experience (UX) research, Ozzie’s job is to help our team deeply understand our clients’ vision and strategy, as well as the wants, needs, and frustrations of their end users.

With I.F. since 2013, Ozzie has conducted hundreds of stakeholder interviews and usability tests, and presented data findings to every one of our clients. He specializes in forging long-term relationships with clients and has deep experience with public libraries, municipal and county governments, and utilities.

Ozzie is also a beekeeper, charcuterie enthusiast, and whiskey appreciator.