Her favorite computer game is Excel.

Kennedy Horstman

Chief of Service Integration

Zone: Pacific/PT

Prefers: She/her/hers

With more than two decades of experience at the intersection of engineering and customer service, Kennedy specializes in creating sustainable strategies for providing top-tier products along with unparalleled client support. Having worked at organizations ranging from a three-person nonprofit to a global corporation with more than 160,000 employees, she knows that there’s no problem too big for a positive resolution and no concern too small for proactive consideration. At I.F., her focus on people-driven innovation fosters a culture where teams are empowered to collaborate internally and externally in pursuit of the right solution, not just the easiest fix.

Kennedy’s approach marries agility with deliberate planning. As a veteran leader of 24/7 technology support shops, she knows how to cultivate confidence and move quickly when it matters. At the same time, Kennedy’s deep knowledge of the technical landscape enables her to build sound processes around vital issues such as site security and privacy. These processes support I.F.’s client stewardship, ensuring that we protect our customers’ most sensitive assets and build relationships based on trust and integrity. Through thoughtful planning and decision-making, she has steered I.F. toward replicable practices and processes that build on industry best practices, enabling us to move more quickly and serve more clients without sacrificing quality.

Kennedy’s strategies directly support I.F.’s mission to empower people living in the U.S. with better technical infrastructure, and with her expert guidance, we’re continuing to expand and take on new roles to further this mission.