Ashley is a mission-driven numbers nerd with an unhealthy obsession with office supplies.

Ashley Marvel

Chief Operating Officer

Zone: Eastern/ET

Prefers: She/her/hers

Ashley keeps all the aspects of I.F.’s operations—finance, administration, human resources, and more—humming along in harmony. As someone who’s equally comfortable crunching numbers and cultivating a positive company culture, Ashley is passionate about improving processes, streamlining operations, and fostering employee growth. The humanizing lens she brings to logistics and budgets has helped I.F. find innovative solutions to challenges and reinforces a can-do culture that empowers all our employees. 

Thanks to Ashley’s background in operations and human resources at large nonprofit organizations, she’s accustomed to bridging the big picture and minute details. She’s also familiar with the unique challenges that the municipalities and public organizations we serve often face. From reporting requirements and wide-ranging staffing needs to contractual hurdles and budget constraints, Ashley has successfully navigated every type of administrative and financial obstacle. She’s adept at finding ways to work with our client’s requirements while keeping our operations on track. 

As I.F. works to empower millions of people with better digital infrastructure, Ashley is the conductor who keeps everyone on beat in pursuit of this purpose.