When not helping clients achieve their goals, he’s usually in a desolated field trying to set altitude records with giant model rockets.

Eric Burgess

Chief Growth Officer

Zone: Central/CT

Prefers: He/him/his

As I.F.’s Chief Growth Officer, Eric is responsible for cultivating new business and developing strategies to ensure ongoing client satisfaction. Drawing on over two decades of experience with complex systems and processes, Eric helps carve out flexible, customized solutions that speak to the unique technological challenges facing local governments and public institutions. He combines findings from our innovative Voice of Citizen® analytics platform with client input, team expertise, and logistical prowess to craft data-driven project plans that answer the client’s most pressing needs and chart a course for future success.

Eric’s experience managing large, diverse teams enables him to coordinate with I.F.’s staff and client contacts as we tackle large-scale projects from start to finish, seamlessly navigating between the client’s perspective and the design and technical elements I.F. develops. In the spirit of solution-oriented teamwork, he leverages the human capital of I.F.’s team to tackle stubborn problems or unexpected road bumps, acting as a hub for collaboration. This approach feeds our culture of excellence and accountability and benefits our clients, who get high-functioning results that stay on budget.

Eric believes in forging lasting relationships with clients and colleagues built on mutual trust and shared goals. From this foundation, I.F. is able to build sites that not only answer client needs, but also improve the lives of the millions of people living in the U.S. who depend on digital access to public services.