Kenn believes coffee and technology are best crafted with the K.I.S.S. principle.

Kenn Herman

Chief Technology Officer

Zone: Pacific/PT

Prefers: He/him/his

With more than 25 years of experience in software and web development, Kenn brings a unique breadth of skills and knowledge to his role as the head of I.F.’s engineering teams. He wields technical capabilities that run the gamut from front-end user experience development to server-side performance tuning and everything in between. Every area of his expertise comes into play as he orchestrates the efforts that empower our clients—and millions of individuals across the U.S.—with a wide range of technical products and services. 

Kenn is the architect behind Fulcrum, I.F.’s scalable hosting platform, designed to provide our clients with turnkey Drupal hosting that is simple, secure, and stable. He also built the massively scalable data infrastructure that powers Voice of Citizen®/Voice of Patron®, our proprietary research and analytics platform. I.F. uses this tool to collect data from 2.5 million people living in the U.S., providing the foundation for our data-driven approach to improving digital infrastructure for all. 

Before joining I.F. in 2013, Kenn managed and expanded CreativeLive’s complex online platform for massive open online courses. Platform requirements included not only course delivery and registration but e-commerce, streaming, scheduling, social networking, analytics, caching, automated media conversion, and more. He also consulted on design, architecture, and development of websites and apps for clients including Data Prism, Democracy for America, and the Pew Research Center. 

Whether our clients are seeking to streamline library services or successfully fend off cyber attacks, Kenn’s creative problem-solving and depth of expertise help I.F. develop user-friendly solutions that are responsive, accessible, and accountable.