A Data-Centric Dive Into How Your Government Website Is Failing Your Community

December 13, 2022

Book Cover and Spine that reads "A data-centric dive into how your government website is failing your community" and "free white paper download"

For a government website to be award-winning, focusing on your visual design isn’t enough. It needs to work well for your citizens. If your organization is currently using Google Analytics to try and measure success, you aren’t getting to the heart of how well your website serves your communities. 

So why exactly do fully half of all government website visitors say they weren’t able to complete their intended task?  The answers are in the data.

At Interpersonal Frequency, we have proprietary benchmark data from over 17 million users on unoptimized (older) and optimized city, county, and utility websites. With this whitepaper, you can explore our exclusive data for governments and how your organization can harness it to make website changes that truly engage your citizens. You’ll learn:

  • How to find and use your accessibility scores 
  • Why user success as a metric gauges community trust in your online services
  • Insights from I.F.’s 2022 Government Benchmark Report, which will help you compare your site to similar locales
  • Why users are not completing their intended tasks on your website and what you can do about it