St. Louis County Library Foundation

Crafting a colorful online presence and strategic marketing support to benefit the St. Louis County Library


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"Born to Read" bags given to families in 2019


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Drupal 7

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Social Media

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Marketing Strategy

Strategic marketing support for the organization that supports the St. Louis County Library.

The St. Louis County Library Foundation is the non-profit financial supporter of the St. Louis County Library. It has played a vital role in helping the Library establish the biggest author event series in the country. After I.F. had created the new St. Louis County Library website, the staff asked if I.F. could also help upgrade their Foundation’s website. The mechanics of the work were a bit easier, as we matched the UX patterns, fonts, and colors of the main Library site, however, the marketing of the foundation’s website would require more strategic thinking.


slcl foundation metrics

Invigorating discovery, stimulating minds, and enriching lives

The I.F. team worked collaboratively with the foundation’s stakeholders and determined we would feature more of the metrics and programs the non-profit supports. This would ensure donors and supporters of the library knew how the money was spent and where the biggest impacts of success were.

Key to the design of this site was the pairing of visuals with clever copywriting. We gleaned gems from our discussions and came up with an inspirational theme for the site—“Invigorating discovery, stimulating minds, and enriching lives.” The I.F. team took the time to understand all of the organization’s many programs and created a way to feature them that was simple, striking, and engaging for audiences of all ages. We also created a streamlined path for individuals to donate and sign up for membership at various levels.

With our passion for data, we wanted to find a way to make the Foundation's metrics stand apart, as well. Incorporating their new branding and color palette, we created a series of large color blocks to highlight the foundation’s impact. 

 Success factors 

  • Colorful and engaging metric system
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Streamlined Membership and Donation pathways
  • High-impact program profiles and metrics
  • Integrated Flickr photo galleries