Engineering & Technical Innovation

Raising the bar for public-sector sites and services with innovative solutions and technical excellence

Specializing in nimble, robust solution design, our experienced software developers and engineers take an iterative, collaborative approach to continuously improve our technical output. The results benefit not only our clients but also the millions of individuals who rely on these platforms to pay bills, chat with public agencies, get emergency updates, access open data, and much more.


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Discovery through open-source collaboration

As active contributors to the Drupal community—including developing modules and speaking at national conferences—our developers not only benefit from its culture of continuous improvement and integration but also help power it forward. Through custom solutions and new integrations, our developers help our clients raise the bar for municipal and government websites, and in so doing, give millions of citizens easier access to the services and information they need. We work to develop sites that not only work smoothly when they launch but also expand the capabilities of the platforms we use and can flex to support new and emerging technologies.

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Changing lives with better technology

Our clients' sites pose unique technical challenges. They need a site that’s stable and secure for the population who relies on it but also easy for employees to log into and update. They need it to look sleek and modern but also be fully accessible to individuals from all walks of life. Responding to these challenges requires a technical team who know how to get to the heart of the issue, employ cutting-edge approaches, and balance competing needs. Our Engineering & Technical Innovation team uses their depth of knowledge about Drupal and digital technologies and about our clients’ unique needs to ensure the sites and solutions we build live up to our goal: empowering citizens nationwide through better public-sector tech.

Crafting digital experiences that work for everyone

I.F.’s development and engineering department is passionate about creating websites and online tools that can serve every individual, regardless of physical abilities or bandwidth access. Our team builds code with a mobile-first mentality to ensure that all of our features and functions work equally well on a handheld smartphone or a desktop screen and can load even with limited bandwidth. We can also implement AI-powered technology to create even more flexible and accessible experiences. Guidance from UX best practices and continual testing help guarantee that our sites are accessible to all, helping our clients better serve their constituents.

Smart solutions for lasting value

With a deep understanding of our clients’ budgets and priorities, we work to keep development costs low and ensure that ongoing costs are low or eliminated entirely. We also know that our clients need reliable sites that can be quickly and easily updated or adapted. Our sites are designed and tuned to meet exacting performance standards and provide an intuitive and accessible experience for the staff in charge of regular content updates and maintenance. 

Through thoughtful development of back-end and front-end features, our development team specializes in creating sites that benefit both those who use them and those who maintain them. Content and user experience best practices help inform the development process to ensure that the end product works for everyone, long-term. 



We are collaborative, agile innovators.

We develop digital experiences that matter to millions, using fresh approaches and creative collaboration to build better tools and boost user success.

Meet the team

We don’t simply build a website and hand it off. Guided by the data, we help you craft every aspect of your website and user experience so it’s as useful as possible.

- Kenn Herman, CTO