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A reliable, secure hosting solution designed for citizen-centered clients who can’t afford downtime

Citizens rely on government web platforms for critical services and information. In this sector, any downtime can be disastrous. 

In a world of cyber attacks and ongoing infrastructure challenges, uptime, security, and stability are front-of-mind for all of our clients. By nature of the essential services they provide and the open access they epitomize, public-sector sites bring an array of potential hosting challenges that we don’t take lightly. We developed our Fulcrum cloud-based hosting platform because we saw our clients looking for a truly reliable, truly secure option that would be backed by more than a slogan. Our services guarantee an industry-leading uptime and can bring you the peace-of-mind of a multi-layer, security-first approach, ensuring that your site and your users are protected at all times.

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Security first, security always

Public-sector sites have increasingly become the targets for malicious attacks. From the beginning, Fulcrum was designed to ensure that our clients' sites are safe and secure. Through a least-trust approach that includes whitelisting, end-to-end encryption, continuous updates, and constant monitoring, we provide a hosting environment that leaves nothing to chance. Our security-first approach means we are not only able to protect against reported attacks but also deflect them before they make an impact.

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Industry-leading uptime guarantees

We take seriously the importance of the services and information our clients provide to the public. Fulcrum ensures that everyone can access the sites they need, whenever they need them. We guarantee our clients an industry-leading network uptime rate backed by 24/7/365 availability for emergency support.

Better protection for peace of mind

Fulcrum was built to bring our clients peace of mind. Through Fulcrum, we can provide proactive defenses, reliable access, and backup systems to ensure that information and assets are protected even in the case of a natural or other disaster.


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