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Wrangling reams of data so public-sector clients can make smart investments and better serve their citizens

Gathering data is easier today than ever. But finding the data that matters can still feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. At I.F., we know how to weed out the noise, identify the necessary information, and translate it into actionable steps. Regardless of whether you’re conducting a robust review of your site’s performance for the first time or looking to deepen your understanding based on existing analytics, our research team has tools (like our free Accessibility Barometer) and techniques for unveiling your site’s successes and failures and getting to the root of the problem. From this foundation, we can help millions of people complete essential daily tasks more easily and help our clients chart a path toward the goals that matter most to their organizations. 

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Data, strategy, solution, repeat

At I.F., data is never a dead end. Our research and analytics team works closely with our content and UX experts to turn data findings into actionable strategies and recommendations. Then we partner with our clients to support the implementation of our recommended approaches and gather new data on their impact. The research cycle begins again as we measure our efforts and ensure we’re meeting user needs and client goals.

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Clearer goals, deeper insights, better digital experiences

Because we gather extensive and diverse data, we can help our clients define meaningful and measurable goals from the outset of their projects and monitor those goals over time. We continue gathering data post-launch to revise and refine. Periodic Voice of Citizen® and Voice of Patron® reports highlight areas for ongoing improvement and opportunities for innovation. We also draw on a broad collection of research tools to respond to specific client questions or user struggles, from accessibility to integration with third-party platforms.

In-depth discovery and ongoing testing

We take a multi-faceted approach to investigating every aspect of site performance. Our proprietary Voice of Citizen® and Voice of Patron® analytics platforms give us a unique depth of knowledge when it comes to understanding how a site is and isn’t working for its users. We also supplement the data we gather with qualitative information, including in-depth interviews with project staff and stakeholders and an analysis of on-site content and back-end structure. Additional testing throughout the project process helps us triangulate and ensure that we’re serving the right goals in the right ways.


We are solution-seeking data wranglers.

In a sea of information, we can identify the most important data points and translate them into ideas for action. Our wealth of data from millions of people living in the U.S. enables us to share industry-leading insights.

Meet the team

I.F.’s process sets them apart. Starting with data to create a solid foundation, they delivered a site that met our demanding goals.

- Web Development Manager, County Client