City of Norman

Creating a citizen-centric hub for government and public services in Oklahoma’s third-largest city


City of Norman citizens using I.F. technology


Meeting minutes & agendas available via custom document finder


Improvement in page load time

Special Features:
Drupal 8

Drupal 8

Fulcrum Hosting

Fulcrum Hosting

Document Finder

Document Finder

Machine Translation

Machine Translation

Bulk Upload

Bulk File Upload

Norman, home of the University of Oklahoma, has a bustling and diverse population. But their old city website was not well suited to the wide spectrum of their users’ needs. Norman partnered with I.F. to launch a new site designed to serve busy citizens who may be seeking to access vital city services via mobile phones or tablets and who may not be familiar with the city government’s structure. 

Opening up access for everyone 

The new is fully responsive to keep up with the city’s busy population. With welcoming task-based and user-based navigation options plus robust on-site search capabilities, it’s designed and developed to help every user find what they need as efficiently as possible. 

Norman has also traded their past content maintenance bottlenecks for a system of streamlined, tiered permissions that gives every department the ability to keep their information up-to-date. By working closely with Norman’s team throughout this project, we helped ensure that they were not only ready for launch but ready to succeed in maintaining their site long-term. 

Success factors

  • Fully responsive design and functionality
  • User-centered navigation options 
  • Fine-tuned on-site search 
  • Fully integrated site alerts for emergency communications 
  • Built-in translation for Norman’s nine most common languages 
  • Dynamic content feeds for job postings, documents, and more

Innovation in action: Transparency portal 

Like many municipalities, Norman has a massive number of documents that it needs to provide to the public, such as minutes and agendas from every board meeting. This collection of essential files had become overwhelming for the staff who maintained them and hard for citizens to navigate. We created a custom solution that allows users to search through public files using simple filtering options. On the back end, city staff can easily upload and tag all of their files in bulk.