Enabling all communities to engage with their governments via digital channels.

Our Ten Year Goal: Empowering 1 in 4 people in the U.S. through I.F. technology by 2029.

At I.F. we use strategic leadership tools and processes to ensure everyone at the company knows the goals we are working towards, the issues we face, and the success metrics we want to achieve through heartfelt collaboration. To this end, we are committed to using our principles as the guiding force behind our decision making and making sure the right people are in the right seat.

Our Core Principles

Core Principle: Excellence

We commit to the highest level of quality for the investment.

We promote strategic thinking and innovation. We attract and retain exceptional teams with deep experience and demonstrated commitment to our principles. We do not let perfect become the enemy of the good. We deliver excellence over time via continuous improvement and Voice of Citizen®/Patron® analytics. We are each responsible for client and user satisfaction. This principle means that we strive to be the standard bearer of excellence in our field, resulting in work that is so exceptional that our clients recommend us without being asked.

Core Principle: Fiscal & Organizational Responsibility

We are accountable for our resources and the value of what we produce.

We are each accountable to one another for the return on our investment. We proactively plan and track how we spend our time, money, and what we deliver. We collaborate using our ​cultural norms and agreements​. We develop the good judgement of knowing the balance between excellent delivery and driving profit. This principle means we invest and manage our team’s time and resources wisely; plan for droughts; set financial goals and standards and ​each ​remain accountable to them.

Core Principle: Authentic Truth

To your highest vision, speak the truth.

We commit to speaking up early and often and listening as an active practice, recognizing that authentic truth paired with respectful listening is the seed of breakthrough. Our voices are not only welcome but required in our remote work environment.  We use our Voice of Citizen®/Patron® data, our experience and direct communication to do what is best, versus what is merely expedient. This principle means we use our own data and the insights of our team to continually improve ourselves and our work in service to our purpose.

Core Principle: Accountability & Ownership

I’ve got this.

We each take responsibility for our individual contributions to projects and the greater good of the organization. We do what we say we are going to do in the timeframe we commit to doing it, and proactively communicate progress, opportunities, and risks. The privilege of working remotely demands intentional performance, accountability, and teamwork. This principle means we not only call out when“I’ve got the ball”; we call out when “I don’t have it” or “I’ve dropped it”. We further support one another in this by calling out and repairing broken agreements.

Core Principle: Stewardship

We safeguard and shepherd the interests of our clients and their users.

We treat our client relationships as lifetime investments and recognize that our personal relationships with clients are I.F.’s relationships. We invest in the healthy future of our business, planting the seeds for long term value and success. We anticipate risks and opportunities and advocate for what we believe is in the best interest of our clients and their users’ experience, even if there is a cost to us. Clients feel that we are an extension of their own team through the care and commitment to this principle. This principle embodies the responsible planning and managing of resources for the future, whether those resources are our own or those of our clients.

Core Principle: Teamwork

We take personal responsibility for our collective success.

We assume good intentions motivate our team and clients. We take the time and care to explicitly define and document our team goals. We work to align our personal motivation and skills in service to our collective goals. We set bold goals, anticipate conflicts and embrace them in service to breakthroughs and synergy. We embrace the I.F. Purpose and Principles, abide by them and hold each other accountable to them. This principle means that we take personal responsibility for our collective success.