Data-driven, user-centered, content-forward solutions to elevate user success

From research and strategy to development and hosting, we offer a full range of digital services. Whether you're looking to improve a single process or build an entire new site, see how we can help your organization and your users reach their goals.

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Our Services


At I.F., data is the foundation for our excellence and innovation.

See how we guide our clients to make the right investments and increase user success.

VOICE OF CITIZEN® & VOICE OF PATRON®: Many firms say they are data-driven, but only I.F. has data from over 17 million public-sector digital users to provide fresh insights and drive new solutions.  Discover how our proprietary analytics tool can work for you.


We leverage data to craft user-centered strategies that raise the bar for civic digital experiences.

See how we maximize functionality for every user.


We provide millions of public-sector users with easy, secure access to vital services and information.

See how we build fresh, open-source solutions and digital experiences.

CitizenAssist MultiChannelOur digital assistant, CAM™, combines the best of emerging AI technology with our content-forward strategy and public-sector expertise. Learn how this powerful tool can streamline your service delivery.


We don’t walk away after launch. We keep evolving. 

See how we sustain and enhance our clients' digital experiences.


Our cloud hosting environment is engineered to meet the specific needs of our public-sector clients.

See how we deliver the stability, security, and flexibility public organizations demand.


We created data-driven research tools specifically to learn how citizens really interact with public agencies.

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