CitizenForward® & PatronForward™ CMS

Open source technology is strongly used and encouraged in the federal government space. Unfortunately, local and state governments don’t always have access to it and the cutting-edge innovation it offers.

The best of open source for unparalleled performance, speed, stability, and scalability. Configured for local government’s unique accessibility, SEO, and workflow needs.

CitizenForward® and PatronForward™ use the best of open-source technology for unparalleled performance, speed, stability, and scalability designed for local and state governments.


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In addition to being built secure from the ground up, our team has spent countless hours configuring the CMS for local and state government’s unique accessibility, SEO, and workflow needs. That means having a smart WYSIWYG interface, proper headers for SEO, approval workflows that aren’t too easy or too complicated, and making accessibility features (like alt text) a requirement for all images.

Countless development hours have been invested to ensure CitizenForward® and PatronForward™ can seamlessly integrate with a vast array of tools, making it a versatile platform capable of adapting to diverse requirements effortlessly.



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Planning a Government Website Redesign?

Truly understanding your website, its vulnerabilities, and how to transform it is complex.  This is especially true when stakeholders have varying goals. Our CitizenForward® and PatronForward® implementation processes are designed to pull stakeholders into a team that can execute your meaningful visions. Three principles ensure that success is delivered on time and on budget:

  • Data-Driven. Our research activities are focused on gaining a deep understanding of the people using your website from the outside and the people inside your organization. Our findings invite teams to envision a comprehensive vision for the road ahead and ensure everyone is aligned.
  • User-Centered. Our multi-disciplinary exploration of your site’s current status helps us pinpoint content, design, and technical areas where we can put your citizen’s needs first. We show your team how and why concepts—things like WCAG accessibility, responsive design, and plain-language content—matter for all kinds of users.
  • Content-Forward. We improve project processes by identifying content needs early on (through research, audit, and analysis) and pacing content work throughout the project timeline.  This work also improves your overall user experience by aligning the content with the information architecture, design, and technical functionality of the site. 

We believe making a measurable difference for real people online is the wisest use of the public funds allotted to redesign projects, and that philosophy informs every step of our process.