Fulcrum Cloud Hosting

In a world of cyber attacks and ongoing infrastructure challenges, uptime, security, and stability are front-of-mind for all of our clients.

Our experienced DevOps engineers and administrators crafted our Fulcrum Cloud Hosting specifically for enterprise government customers supporting millions of visitors each year.

With Fulcrum Cloud Hosting, your site is fully hosted and maintained for you, giving your team the time, resources, and peace of mind to focus on innovation and engagement. Why do our clients love Fulcrum?

  • Fulcrum is a superior product that is highly available and redundant from the ground up, with multiple layers of caching, optimization, and load balancing across ISO and SOC compliant AWS servers and data centers. 
  • Fulcrum services are proactive. Our 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7/365 proactive site monitoring show our commitment to the stability and security of government sites. Fulcrum not only protects against reported attacks but deflects them before they make an impact.
  • Fulcrum is frictionless to procure. It requires no additional contract to manage with another vendor. The same people who helped build your site actively make sure it stays online and safe for your communities. 

Cloud Architecture diagram

See what ongoing government website support should look like.

From emergency response to new leadership or initiatives, your website has to be ready to adapt quickly. If your website support partner is unresponsive, overseas, or unable to update your system outside of a “product release cycle,” you risk staff frustration or even negative community impacts.

Our Fulcrum Cloud Hosting services are best complimented by U.S.-based Evolution & Support plans. Our client strategists are online for personable support and innovative consulting services that tackle the everyday, emergencies, and evolving needs. For example:

  • Building new platforms that support communities and staff.
  • Customizing an existing application.
  • Thinking about the human process and workflow of a project.
  • Evaluating tools and best-in-class government platforms.
  • Producing website updates if a key player leaves your organization.
  • Onboarding your new team members to your system.
  • Listening to pain points and evaluating next steps.
  • Helping your team adapt new technology into your organization (change management).
  • Staying up to date on new technology and presenting it for you.
  • Fine-tuning your user experience as it connects to your extensive list of other