Burlington County Library System

Creating a virtual branch for the largest county in New Jersey


Burlington County citizens using I.F. technology


branches united on one site


resources organized in one page

Special Features:
Drupal 10

Drupal 10

Fulcrum Hosting

Fulcrum Hosting

3rd Party Integrations

3rd Party Integrations

Advanced Events

Advanced Events

The Burlington County Library System wanted their website to serve as a “virtual branch” that could expand their reach into the community, but their former site wasn’t suited to achieving this goal. With confusing paths to information, inconsistent navigation patterns, and a dated look, it lacked the technical functionality and visual appeal they needed. They partnered with I.F. to turn their site into a welcoming gateway to the resources and information shared across 16 physical locations. 

Using data to discover and define user needs

Our Voice of Patron® research confirmed that Burlington County Library System users were often unaware of the library system’s wide variety of offerings and struggled to find what was available. Their biggest user group, patrons over the age of 55, would frequently give up if something seemed confusing. 

This data focused our redesign efforts on creating a clear, efficient navigation. This could benefit both patrons and the library staff who use the site as a resource in branches, via chat, or over the phone. We also prioritized a bright, clean, colorful design that would be easy for users of all ages and abilities to read and interact with.

Burlington County Library System also implemented our advanced events system, which gives them the ability to easily create event listings, even for complex events that repeat at irregular intervals or require capped registration and waitlists. This module allows the library staff to manage all their events and registration from within their new Drupal administrative interface. It’s a seamless experience with no separate interface or license needed! 

Success Factors

  • Clear navigation that prioritizes high-use tasks
  • An easy-to-find and easy-to-use home for digital resources 
  • Focus on plain-language content
  • Mobile-friendly event registration system
  • Secure, accessible webforms
  • Additional content editor training for advanced features and integrations

Innovation in Action: Ensuring Accessibility On-Site … and Beyond

In addition to launching a new website, Burlington County Library System was also planning an entire brand relaunch. They asked if we could help them ensure their new brand was accessible, for online use and everything else. We examined their assets and color palettes to ensure WCAG 2.1 AA compliance and general best practices for creating content that is easy to view and use. Our collaboration helped them roll out user-friendly upgrades to the website and their larger brand.