We Can Redesign Your Government Website

When it’s time to redesign your website, you have a critical opportunity to reinvent the way you connect to and serve your community.

Government websites are different. Your website needs to serve complex and wide-ranging user needs, house mountains of content, and keep design as accessible and useful as possible. It must be stable and secure for the population who relies on it but also easy for employees to log into and update. Creating a solution to these challenges requires a different breed of digital strategy, and people who know how to get to the heart of the issue, employ cutting-edge approaches, and balance competing needs.

Illustration of animated characters updating a webpage mockup

CitizenForward™ & PatronForward™ Design Systems: A Holistic Approach to Solving Digital Dilemmas

Our User Experience (UX) team are experts at creating beautiful government websites that work equally well for internal stakeholders and first-time website visitors. How do we do it? 

It starts with the right approach: one that seeks to understand the true digital needs of your community. Our process starts with digging deep to understand everyone who will be using the website, from end users to your internal stakeholders and content editors. We combine  Voice of Citizen®/Voice of Patron® data, in-depth interviews, content assessments, community focus groups, user personas, and collaborative discovery workshops to create a custom strategy and set actionable, measurable goals for your new design.

As we craft your new site’s information architecture, design and functionality,  we can also perform usability testing, card sorting, and tree testing with real users to help validate our strategies. You’ll receive the final mockups and visual documentation of the structure of your site, including individual page breakdowns, content guidelines, component usage, and styling specifications.

CitizenForward™ & PatronForward™ CMS: A Simpler, Accessible Interface to Engage Your Community

Our design systems are best implemented on CitizenForward™ (and PatronForward™ for public libraries), our customized version of the open-source Drupal Content Management System. Based on 13 years of data and experience designing custom digital experiences for municipalities, CitizenForward™ and PatronForward™ offer an unbeatable balance between optimized features and custom extendability. It includes:

  • An easy-to-use administrative interface. We’ve simplified the back end of Drupal to be more visually appealing, simpler to navigate, and easy for government content editors to master. WCAG compliance features (like required alt text) are built-in. 
  • Built-in content strategy tools.  From customized help text to SEO best practices and reading level scores, our solution helps you keep your content as elevated as your technology and design.
  • Strategic features & functionality created for governments. Our solution is tailored to government organizations’ unique needs,  with alerts, events, service directories, media management, and more.
  • Easy maintenance. Our Fulcrum Cloud Hosting and Evolution & Support plans cover your website updates and security needs, giving your staff the time and resources to focus on engagement.