Voice of Citizen® & Voice of Patron®

Do you know what your community thinks of your website? What are they are able to do with ease? Where do they get frustrated?

Public organizations generally rely on Google analytics to provide relevant statistics about users. While knowing pageviews and bounce rates can provide helpful insight, it doesn’t get to the heart of what’s working on your website, what’s not, and where to effectively intervene. 

Voice of Citizen


Plug into the most powerful analytics platform designed specifically for government agencies.

Voice of Citizen® uses a sophisticated survey platform to ask a statistically valid representative sample of your users a handful of carefully crafted questions. For example: What are you here to do? Were you able to complete the purpose of your visit today? If not, why?  

We combine this qualitative data about your users’ needs with quantitative clickstream data (user behavioral data as they interact with the website) to create a full picture of how your users interact with your site. 

Because Voice of Citizen® is installed on sites across the country, we can also benchmark your data against an extensive database of similar online users for best practice recommendations.

Voice of Patron


Understand what patrons are looking for from your digital presence — and who is missing out on the services you provide. 

Public library buildings have sturdy reputations as places to learn, explore, and be entertained. Unfortunately, their related websites often lack the qualities of the beloved “real thing.” Meanwhile, patrons are becoming more and more digitally-savvy, and they expect to be able to replicate in-person library activities online. That’s why we tailored our Voice of Citizen® platform to target the unique needs of public library websites.

A Voice of Patron® analysis provides an honest assessment of your current library website — and a proven process for prioritizing and realizing your goals. Because this platform is installed on public library websites across the country, we have data from millions of users. We are able to monitor the performance of individual public library sites, track trends, and make comparisons between sites. The data we’ve collected allows us to have the nitty-gritty details and the big-picture vision you need to empower your library website