Voice of Citizen® & Voice of Patron®

Unparalleled insights into your users’ experience

We developed our unique, proprietary analytics tools to fill a void. We found that public-sector clients are often concerned with data that do more to measure the success of e-commerce than e-government and public services, and we wanted to find a way to measure the things that truly matter to our clients.

The result is a hybrid back-end analytics platform and front-end user survey that allows us to pinpoint navigational issues, content problems, and countless other issues that can prevent individuals from completing vital tasks.

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For civic and government organizations:

For libraries:

Mapping the big picture to make better investments

With these tools installed on sites across the country, gathering data from millions of users, we are able to not only analyze the performance of individual sites but also track trends and make comparisons. This data gives us an unrivaled understanding of the big picture for municipal and government websites.

Evidence and inspiration to fuel ongoing innovation

Voice of Citizen® or Voice of Patron® data forms the foundation of every project, and we return to this tool throughout a site’s life. We are able to guide our clients with data-backed insights and strategies that are both tailored to their unique site and informed by larger trends.

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Curious about your users' experience?

Even if you’re not looking to build a new website, Voice of Citizen® and Voice of Patron® are available as a standalone tool to help you better understand your users and improve your site.

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