We Can Assess Your Current Website

Quantify your website’s digital success in ways that other firms can only dream of.

For too many government agencies, reviewing website analytics can feel like receiving a grade for a test you didn’t realize you took. Reports on website performance may be so convoluted that not a single person at your organization can fully interpret them. Or they may be simple, but deeply misleading. In either case, the results rarely lead to meaningful improvement.

Stop settling for incomplete, irrelevant, or incomprehensible data. Welcome to a world of research and data geared specifically to government websites, where reports give you a clear understanding of what’s working and what’s not, with targeted ideas for where to go and what to do next. 

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Break through the noise with in-depth discovery.

Regardless of whether you’re conducting a robust review of your site’s performance for the first time or looking to deepen your understanding based on existing analytics, our research team has tools and techniques to unveil your site’s successes and failures and chart a course forward.

Our proprietary Voice of Citizen® and Voice of Patron® analytics platforms give us a unique depth of knowledge when it comes to understanding how a site is and isn’t working for its users. We can also supplement the data we gather with qualitative research, including in-depth interviews with project staff and stakeholders,  an analysis of on-site content and back-end structure, and much more. Get the information you need to take control of your digital experience.

Track the goals that matter most to your organization.

Our research and analytics team works closely with our User Experience (UX) experts to turn our findings into actionable strategies and recommendations focused on helping your community complete essential daily tasks more easily

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Use our output to develop your strategic initiatives, create an RFP, or continue our partnership with a website redesign or an Evolution & Support plan for interactive improvements.